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Our engineers set out on a mission to develop an enclosure that was stylish enough to fit in the living room environment but could also take full size components to cater for the needs of power users and still have quiet operation. From this extensive research the X11 was born.

The X11 is the ultimate HTPC Builders dream, created with special density extruded aluminium side panels in order to contain as much noise as possible whilst still having a high level of thermal conductivity. Vibration isolating grommets are standard for every hard drive and a complex airflow cooling design to maximise airflow and cooling effects with minimum noise.

The X11s abilities for hardware housing and system cooling are unmatched in the HTPC marketplace case has been created to impress, perform and most importantly impress.
- Optional mce compatible VFD/IR module
- 8mm aluminium front face plate
- 2 x 80mm exhaust fan
- 1 x 80mm intake fan
- front usb, audio and firewire ports
- matched cd/dvd drive bezel
- blue illuminated power button
- vibration isolation grommets
- support for 4 hard drives
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X11 Brochure - PDF 243K

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external dimensions (WxHxD)

construction materials

mainboard support

psu support

pci / agp card support

drive bays

fan support

expansion slots

front I/O ports

net weight

available colours

- 435 x 170* x 420mm (*inc feet)

- all aluminium chassis

- atx, micro atx

- atx psu

- full size

- 4 X 3.5" internal drive bays
- 1 X 3.5" external drive bay
- 1 X 5.25" external drive bay

- 2 X 80mm rear exhaust fans
- 1 x 80mm intake fan

- 7

- 2 X usb ports
- 1 X firewire (1394) port
- 1 X headphone
- 1 X microphone

- ~4.54kg

- black, silver


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